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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reeltime Claims World's First Download-to-Own Movie Service

This week, an Australian company called Reeltime ambitiously announced that it is the world's first company to offer download-to-own movie and TV service. Reeltime is also partnering with Universal Pictures to offer a number of old and new releases. The company touts its service as a true ownership service where customers do keep what they've downloaded and are allowed to burn movies at DVD quality to actual DVDs for playback on their home theaters. The service is launching with a focus on Windows PCs, and Play4Sure devices which support the WMV video format. Users who sign up to Realtime's service will be able to purchase and download movies in three different file formats: a streaming WMV format, a standalone WMV format that can be saved as well as transferred to Play4Sure mobile players and an encrypted DVD format.

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411's Tournament of Bad Ass Movie Characters: Round Two

Welcome to round 2 of 411 Mania's Bad Ass Movie Character Tournament. The first round saw hard fought contests with some early favorites going out early and others establishing their dominance. But this is the round that separates the men from the boys. BILLY JACK VS. INDIANA JONES Leonard Hayhurst: I'm sure these two could have long intelligent, philosophical conversations. But that is not what we want here. Jones would try the opening whip attack again, but Jack is quicker than Cogburn and would grab it to disarm. Jones would then go for his gun and Jack would cartwheel out of the way. Out of bullets Jones would be forced to rely on his fists, but Jack's whole body is a weapon. Winner: Billy Jack Ryan Latimer: Sorry, the only reason I voted for Jack to advance in the first round was because he was fighting Popeye, but not THAT Popeye.

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The Nativity Story: The Making of the Movie - Part 1

IF YOU ASK first-time film producer Marty Bowen what he would most like to see happen as a result of New Line Cinemas The Nativity Story, he will say quite candidly and with characteristic enthusiasm: I would like even the nonbeliever who sees it to be touched. I would like it to be a film my sister will take her kids to see, and one that her children will take their kids to see one day. I hope it will be a classic that theaters will show every year because of its authenticity, because we have tried to avoid the clichs of biblical films, tried to humanize the characters and revere them at the same time. They have, after all, earned the right to be on a pedestal. The Nativity Story, released on 7,000 screens worldwide on December 1, tells the story of the year before Jesus birth until the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem, plus the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt to escape Herods wrath.

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