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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Prestige is one of the best films of the year

The Prestige is the latest film from Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan. Based on the Christopher Priest novel, it tells the story of two magicians struggling to make an impact on the sensation seeking audiences of 1890s London. Aristocratic Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) has a flair for showmanship but little natural talent, while Cockney Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) has an instinct for what makes a magic trick but no patience for crowd pleasing dramatics. Angier and Borden begin as friends, working together under the tutelage of Cutter (Michael Caine), who literally pulls the strings behind the scenes of a magic show, until a tragic accident turns them into bitter enemies. Borden subsequently performs the trick of the Transported Man to public acclaim, spurring Angier on to discover the secret behind the seemingly impossible feat.

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Two Minnesota films nominated for Spirit Award

Two Minnesota-made independent films, "Sweet Land" and "A Prairie Home Companion," were nominated Tuesday for Spirit Awards, the indie-film world's counterpart to the Oscars."Sweet Land," directed and co-written by St. Paul's Ali Selim, was nominated for best first feature while its star, newcomer Elizabeth Reaser, will compete for the best-female-lead award against Catherine O'Hara, Robin Wright Penn and Michelle Williams."Prairie Home" received a best-director nomination for Robert Altman, who died last week in Los Angeles. But another notable Minnesota indie was snubbed: "Factotum," the critically acclaimed comic drama starring Matt Dillon, who won his second Spirit last year for "Crash."It should have been recognized," said Jane Minton, executive director of IFP Minneapolis/St. Paul, whose 600 members are among 5,000 voters nationwide that will select the winners.The ceremony, sponsored by Los Angeles-based Film Independent, will be Feb.

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“8 Films To Die For” Horrorfest: A Lost Opportunity

In a span of only 4 days, After Dark Films planned to release 8 independent horror movies for a series entitled "8 Films to Die For." These films, which have never been released before, were advertised as grotesque and violent cinematic explorations into the horror genre. Our resident horror expert Josh was planning on attending all 8 films over the long weekend to see first hand what kind of experience this was going to be. Unfortunately for the folks over at After Dark Films, this "Horrorfest" turned out to be the most uncoordinated, horribly thought out waste of time for everyone who went or was a part of the series. He only ended up seeing 6 out of the 8, due to the fact that after the first 6 his mind was completely numb and there was no way he would have lasted sitting through two more of the films.

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