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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Northwest Arkansas Hosts Movie Premiere

The Tulsa author wrote "The Ultimate Gift" in five days and considered it a personal development book wrapped in a story.Whatever it's called -- personal development book or novel -- the thin, quick read has sold more than 3 million copies. It's also been made into a movie, which will premiere in Rogers this week and is set for general release in 2007.The screening Thursday at the Rogers Malco Town Center is part of a national premiere. The invitation event, which kicks off at 7 p.m., will offer hundreds throughout the region, including local philanthropists, donors and professional advisers, a glimpse into a story about gratitude, hope and possibility. The author will attend the premiere and the reception to follow.Many local civic and community leaders are hopeful individuals throughout the region will embrace the book's message.The movie, like the book on which it's based, tells the story of Jason, a 24-year-old man who undergoes a transformation of character as he learns from an elder relative the importance of 12 life-changing gifts.

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Worn out Hugh Jackman forbids wife and kids from movie set!

Washington, Nov 26: Actor Hugh Jackman has revealed that he had banned his family from being around him during the production of his new film The Fountain, because it was a physically and emotionally draining film. He says that he banned his wife and kids from the sets because he knew that the film was so complex that it would be hard for him to be the same father or a husband as he used to be earlier. Jackman, whose kids and wife usually travel with him for most of the films he does, says that his first gaze through the script had made him realize that The Fountain would be a complex film, and working on it could be very exhaustive. "This is the first time I worked without my family being there because we always sort of travel together. I said, `Dear, I have a feeling with this one there's not gonna be much left of me at the end of the day,' and there wasn't," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

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Epic Movie, Wretched Trailer

Are you among the 14 people who actually paid money to see Date Movie? If so, at any point during that movie did you find yourself thinking "Wow, I really hope someone gives these filmmakers money to make another spoof movie!!"? Well, if so then you're an idiot. Because someone did. And now we have something to look forward to called Epic Movie.Based on this retina-demolishing trailer, Epic Movie looks to be yet another endless collection of movie-related sketch comedy bits. Yeah, just like Date Movie, all four Scary Movie movies, and every Leslie Nielsen "comedy" post-1981. To be fair, writer/directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer spent a good deal of time on their Date Movie audio commentary apologizing for the lame jokes and atrocious filmmaking ... so let's just see if the guys tried a little harder this time out.

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