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Monday, November 27, 2006

Air Malta showing films in flight

Passengers travelling with Air Malta on the London Heathrow and Gatwick, Manchester, Brussels and Frankfurt routes can now watch a number of feature films on board. This week, Air Malta has started showing a new selection of feature films, which will be changed every two months: In Her Shoes and Little Manhattan. A variety of feature films and documentaries such as the silent films of Charlie Chaplin are being shown on all other flights longer than one hour 40 minutes. For documentary enthusiasts, National Geographic is presenting a non-verbal series entitled Animals of the World showing footage of various animals in their natural habitat. Just for Variety brings musical and visual performances from the Montreal International Comedy Festival while Just for Laughs is a programme of hidden camera gags carried out on the street.

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Kid Watch An advisory for parents on current films

RATED PG Title / What it's about / Advisory Happy Feet In this animated film about penguins, baby Mumble finds he's different from the others: He can dance up a storm but is one tone-deaf aquatic bird. Mild scenes of penguins in peril. RATED PG-13 Title / What it's about / Advisory Casino Royale Daniel Craig takes a fresh approach to James Bond, presenting him as a rough guy with a grim sense of humor who's just been elevated to double-0 status. Violence, semi-nudity and sexual situations. For Your Consideration Christopher Guest gets a little edgier and more serious in his latest ensemble piece, this time taking on Hollywood and the effects of Oscar buzz. Lewd humor and sexual situations. RATED R Title / What it's about / Advisory Fast Food Nation This feature film, based on the best-seller, focuses on all levels of the multibillion-dollar fast-food industry, from animal slaughtering to flipping burgers.

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Liv Tyler Films Thriller in SC Town

FLORENCE, South Carolina -- Liv Tyler says when she first saw the title of the script for her new film, "The Strangers," she thought it was a comedy. Turns out it was a thriller about a couple trying to survive when three masked strangers invade their home. "I had stacks of scripts on the plane," she told the Morning News for Thursday's editions. "I liked the title of this one because it sounded like a comedy. After reading the first three pages, I was stuck on the script and called my agent and said `Please get it for me. I want to be in this movie.'" She has been in Florence making "The Strangers," costarring Scott Speedman, since Oct. 10. Filming is expected to be finished Dec. 4 and the film is scheduled for release next October. "It has a horror element and a thriller element, but it also has a human element," said Speedman, who starred in the television show, "Felicity." "To come in every day and getting, right away, to that level of intensity, that level of fear and anger -- it can be draining." To recharge, the film's crew has hit a few local spots, including a karaoke bar.

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